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16 June 2012 @ 07:44 pm

Just look on my profile first if you want to know anything about me. ^^
Regardless, feel free to add me--just leave a comment introducing yourself.

Winglin *no longer in use*
ebisu_midnights : Junnosuke yori Ouji | Saigo no Scene


Hot Air Balloon - Evan Yo | Little Sister - Michael Wong

Smiling Pasta | Yamato Nadeshiki Shichi Henge

album: Evan Yo - 19 | Hanadan [eng sub]: 20080813 Hong Kong F4+Mao interview | Unplugged ayaka .mp4 | ayaka's History 2006-2009 pamphlet scans | Summer Time - NEWS PV [karaoke] | As a Man - Gummy PV [karaoke]

Scroll down a bit on my journal to find the ebisu_midnights fanfic index~!
14 June 2012 @ 07:53 pm
the unofficial ebisu_midnights FANFIC INDEX
so it begins~midnights in ebisu garden placeCollapse )

Let me know if there are any mistakes!
Last updated: 12.23.2011
Note: incomplete = not finished, more updates coming, ongoing = possibly never ending series (let me know if I got the labels wrong on any, since I was a bit unsure about a few of them)
28 June 2010 @ 12:23 pm
I'm back~ The school year is finally over and I have one week until summer classes begin. It's an easy class though, so I'm not worried.
I've missed this place. And apparently a lot of news too. LOTS of Arashi, KAT-TUN, Yamapi (and his ties to the government) but not NEWS :(, summer dramas (heh, I haven't even kept up with the spring ones...I started Sunao and Tumbling but haven't gotten far at all.) and Ryo on VS Arashi. teehee.
I could keep going, but that would probably just get annoying. xD

I bring presentsCollapse )
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17 December 2009 @ 09:46 pm
I'm back from hiatus! I said I'd be back with drama review or fanfic, but I lied. I'm back with lyrics! (The fanfic is coming and perhaps a drama review sooner or later.)

Translating is so useful for practicing Chinese. I'm awful at writing, decent at reading, good at speaking/understanding, and awful at translating. x] And also awful at pin-yin so I hope you forgive that. It doesn't help that Malaysian(?) pronunciation is slightly different from Mandarin.

This is absolutely the sweetest song ever. It looks at a painful love from a different point of view than we're used to--from the older brother's perspective. I wish I had an older brother like that. ;]

Love is like a holiday...Collapse )

Hope someone finds this useful!
Edits are very much welcome~
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24 October 2009 @ 09:39 pm
I wasn't originally planning to sub this video, just wanted to translate it and see what they were saying. Then I thought to myself, why not sub it? So here it is. This project has made me appreciate subbers 10x more than before.

Some problems:
1. I'm Chinese, so the translations are based off of the subtitles. There's probably a lot lost in translation from Japanese to Chinese to English.
2. Unfortunately, I don't understand Cantonese, so I wasn't able to sub the other parts of the video, although they are probably mostly just promotion stuff. (If anyone understands and is willing to translate, I'll be glad to sub the rest.)
3. The quality of the raw video wasn't great, so the quality of the final subbed video really isn't great at all. Sorry, I repost if I can find a better quality raw!

Summary, screencaps, download!Collapse )
I might sub a few other files, life time permitting.
18 August 2009 @ 08:31 pm

蔡旻佑 (Evan Yo) – 19 (FULL ALBUM DOWNLOAD)
Released: 08.06.2006
Genre: ballad, pop/rock
Language: Mandarin

A new up-and-comer, Evan Yo is a senior at the National Taiwan Normal University, majoring in violin (though he also plays piano, flute and guitar). He composed all of the songs on this album, his first, which was released when he was 19.

Track list:
  01. Intro
  02. 梦不落帝国
  03. Can You Hear Me
  04. 城外
  05. 超人不在家
  06. 我可以
  07. 旋转门
  08. 简单
  09. 热气球 (lyrics here)
  10. 翻不完的夏天
  11. 我想要说
  12. 8Bit

ReviewCollapse )
Download linksCollapse )
10 August 2009 @ 04:59 pm
So I was feeling a little bored the other day, now that summer school is over, so I've translated the lyrics to 蔡旻佑 (Evan Yo)'s song 热气球 (Hot Air Balloon). This has the characters (simplified, taken straight from the CD insert thing, so they're accurate), pinyin, and English translation. This is my first time translating anything and the pinyin is translated by ear (I haven't used it for a while), so it's very likely that there are mistakes. I've also put in some literal or alternative translations for anyone who's picky about that.

The lyrics actually don't make much sense...Collapse )

I've uploaded the entire album here for download.
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